Covid-19 Press Release

Covid-19 Precautions Press Release

Updated April 8th, 2020

To all our Clients, Community Partners & Friends:

As an essential business, we continue to remain open to assist clients during this crisis. Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) evolving and changing the way we safely conduct business on a weekly basis, M3 Commercial Moving & Logistics is continuing to stay proactive and increase safety measures. We have updated the steps that have gone into place effective immediately:

• Continue to enforce a zero tolerance sick policy. Any team members that are sick or appear to be sick are not permitted to work. A doctor’s note is required to permit team members back to work.
• Shoe sanitization stations have been placed around warehouse & are required to be used upon entering the facility each time.
• A temperature scan is being done upon entering our facility, prior to dispatch, verifying the employee is fever free.
• After all employees take the temperature scan, a sign in sheet verifying temperature and health is required to be acknowledged and signed.
• All employees are required to wash hands with hot water and soap for at least 20 seconds after sign in before putting on gloves.
• Gloves are a required condition of working in service to our clients.
• It is mandatory for employees to wash their uniforms after each day.
• Anyone that appears not clean will be sent home.
• Social Distancing is REQUIRED in and around our facilities and while on job sites.
• Masks are a mandatory condition of working in service to our clients and are distributed to all employees when checking in.
• Employees are NOT permitted to shake hands with colleagues or clients.
• All employees must notify HR, Operations, and Senior Management in advance of travel, if they are traveling across state lines or the country.
• Employees are expected and encouraged to follow government issued mandates and stay-at-home orders outside of work.

We will continue taking all necessary precautions to keep our clients and employees safe and empower your upcoming commercial move.
If you have further questions or any concerns, please call Jim Stevens directly at: 602.734.0190.

Together in Good Health,
Jim Stevens & Jennifer Villalobos
Vice President & Vice President Of Business Development