Covid-19 Safety Information

Information about the Coronavirus and how we work hard to stay safe and keep our customers safe

As we’ve all witnessed the coronavirus (COVID-19) evolve and impact our communities, country, and the world, M3 Commercial Moving & Logistics is taking proactive steps to respond to client expectations regarding safety measures and our corporate social responsibility.

Our top priority is the health and well-being of our team. It is our social responsibility to ensure we maintain a safe environment while encouraging and adopting safe practices to protect the health of employees, clients, and others. Our team is taking the steps necessary to reduce spreading the disease, we are doing the following:

Effective 6am, 3.16.2020, we enacted a zero-tolerance sick policy. Prior to the start of business communication to the entire team went out requiring any team members showing signs of any sort of illness to stay home. We have eliminated internal in person meetings and transitioned to conference calls. We still have clients in need of our services and in need of certain team members onsite to assist them with moves. Prior to service, we are vetting that our client(s) on-site are in good health. Supplying all trucks with hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies. We are increasing the frequency of our trucks, equipment and facilities being cleaned. We have increased the frequency of hand-washing among our teams with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Requiring all employees to wash hands before and after any project. We are providing our team members with up-to-date information to keep them, and their families, informed and aware of the growing situation.

Our core mission is to empower businesses during their moves. During this time, achieving this will require extra effort on our part to minimize risk for anyone that we support. To fulfill this goal, our team is committed to doing everything possible to ensure the safety of our team, our clients, and our community. On a recent call with the White House, Dr. Robert Redford of the CDC recommended following the guidelines presented for our great country. We were told you can find the most up to date information here;

If you have further questions or any concerns, please call Jim Stevens directly at: 602.734.0190.

Together in Good Health,

Jim Stevens & Jennifer Villalobos

Vice President & Vice President Of Business Development