Installation Services

The M3 team of installers can accomodate any type of case goods or modular furniture

M3 has the skill set to accommodate any type of installation requirement, regardless of the types of case goods or modular based furniture you have.  Whatever the size or complexity of your project, M3 can take on the challenge.  We work for every industry to support seamless and streamlined installation services for your project.  From furniture to fixtures, M3 can assist in installing your assets at the highest level of care and professionalism.


The M3 team is ready to assist in disassembling and reassembling any type of cubicle and M3 has experience with all manufacturers.


Count on M3 to disassemble and reassemble/install new or existing case goods furniture in any space per the space plan specifications.


M3 takes on the installation of shelving with ease, and can handle large pallet racking projects to inner office shelving you need assistance with.

Why Choose M3 for Your Commercial Installation Services?

When you are ready for a move, no matter how large, M3 is your go-to moving company capable of handling every aspect of the project.  There are so many details to manage when it comes to ensuring success.  We understand firsthand that each project involves planning and partnering with capable professionals.  M3’s Installation Team can manage any type of installation need, from case goods to modular based furniture. 

  • Our team Prepares you for Each Aspect of your Commercial Project

  • We handle your Assets with Care

  • Coordinated Effort With a Strategy and Implementation Plan

  • Flexible To Meet Any Specialty Installation Needs

  • Expert Service Level From Start to Finish

  • Quality Workmanship to Precisely Handle Your Assets

  • Ensure You Stay on Schedule for Your Reinstallation and Move-In

We install any type of furniture to ensure you stay on schedule to move in and minimize downtime.  Call M3 today to let us help you with your commercial move today!