Liquidation Services

We assist you in providing solutions for unwanted assets

We know how frequently any relocation project requires a solution for unwanted assets.  M3 can not only assist with your relocation project, M3 has the expertise to find re-use, re-purpose, and re-sale solutions for any assets you are not relocating to your new space.  At M3, we’ve provided liquidation based solutions for the smallest office suites to full office buildings.


M3 is in touch with a number of Community Based Organizations to assist with getting unwanted assets back into the community.


M3 has the ability to re-purpose or recycle unwanted assets to help you mind your green footprint.


M3 has the ability to assess the re-sale value of unwanted assets that exist in your facility to reduce the financial burden of any project.

Change to Why Choose M3 for Liquidation Services?

When you’re moving and you have assets you don’t intend to move, liquidation services are most challenging.  At M3, we can assist in all facets of your project and will work diligently to develop a re-use, re-purpose/recycle, or re-sale plan.  We have the experience you need, and our team of professionals take all aspects of each project seriously.  Below are some reasons why you should feel comfortable reaching out to us:

  • Prepare You for the Liquidation Process

  • Handle Your Goods and Materials With Care

  • Coordinated Effort To Effectively Manage Your Liquidation

  • Flexibility To Meet Any Specialty Liquidation Needs

  • Expert Service Level

  • Quality Workmanship to Precisely Handle Your Liquidation

  • Meet Timelines for Every Aspect of Your Liquidation

  • Sustainable Options

Call M3 today to let us guide you in the liquidation process.