Manufacturing Facilities

M3 offers large-scale moves for manufacturing facilities, from heavy machinery to delicate technology and everything in between. Whether you are moving your manufacturing facility locally or out of state, we have an expert team trained to handle every facet of a your project. M3 has served many clients in manufacturing facilities, and such a move must be well planned with a complete understanding of expectations. Leave your project up to M3 professionals who regularly assist on these types of projects.

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Why Choose M3 for Your Manufacturing Facility Move?

We know you have many choices for your upcoming project relocating your manufacturing facility. When you choose M3, expect precision, a flawless transition, and experience by our skilled specialists. We understand the project planning for a strategic commercial move, and we aim to make your experience with M3 one of your best. Here’s why you should choose us:

  • Moving strategy for every facet of your manufacturing facility move

  • Specialized rigging support as needed for large machinery

  • Specialized rigging transportation support as needed for large machinery

  • Labeling, inventory control, transport and setup by certified workers

  • Confidentiality and care by our trained professionals

  • State-of-the-art moving equipment and supplies

  • Document, data and media destruction services

  • Local and nationwide moving

  • Commercial storage as needed

  • Environmentally friendly recycling and liquidation services for excess assets

At M3, you count on experts and not amateurs to handle your move carefully, professionally, and on time. Leave your next move in the hands of experts. Call M3 today to schedule your manufacturing facility move.