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Premium Commercial Moving, Storage, and Logistics.

We are a company obsessed with making the customer experience perfect. That’s why our full suite of moving services is curated, organized, and customized to cover all the small details for you. With over a decade of service moving organizations throughout Arizona and specialized certification from the International Office Moving Institute, we know exactly what it takes to ensure your move goes smoothly.

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Local and Long Distance Commercial Office Moving & Logistics


We serve organizations moving into and out of the state… even cross country moves requiring complicated logistics and storage. Our experience allows you to rest easy, confident that we know how to handle the move from beginning to end. In the meantime, our small company feel gives you the boutique, personalized experience and communication you’d expect from our five-star company.

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Project Management

For each moving project we undertake, we start by pairing you with a certified estimator, who will visit your facility and discuss service options available. Based on the thorough plan we put together for your individual project, we’ll handle the overall move end to end, coordinating with storage, junk removal, cleaning, property management, and more in order to take the pain and stress out of the process for you.

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Storage Asset Management

We offer an in-house dedicated storage team, indoor storage facility, and state-of-the-art asset management software to ensure that your belongings are safely stored and smoothly transferred to their ultimate destination. Whether your goods consist of sensitive electronic equipment or valuable furnishings and decor, we treat them with knowledgeable care and offer full insurance coverage for your needs.

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Shredding / Secure
IT Destruction

While data, IT equipment and documents are some of the most valuable assets to many companies they are also a detriment when you need to securely destroy them. At M3, we take every precaution to properly shred and purge the data and media you need to destroy. We recognize the vulnerability in these highly confidential assets, and we follow strict standards and guidelines when handling sensitive material.

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Liquidation Services


When your move necessitates offloading old items, we have the connections and know-how to help you get the best value. Leveraging community connections, we donate to local organizations where practical, utilize green practices to recycle old furniture, waste, and electrical equipment, and re-sell valuable assets that are no longer needed in your new space.

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Installation Services

Our moving services don’t end when all your items are finally located in your new space; we’re dedicated to setting up and arranging everything to create a comfortable, functional environment. Carefully disassembling to ensure safe moving and secure reassembly, we also have extensive experience with case goods, large-scale shelving, and cubicles. Our experienced team of mover-athletes is trained in house to ensure the best service.

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Commercial Office Moving

M3 provides superior commercial office moving support to meet any diverse business needs. We take every client request seriously, wherever you are going, so you receive the quality, service and care you deserve for your goods and assets.

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IT Relocations

At M3, we recognize that your Information Technology (IT) consists of valuable assets directly responsible for ensuring your business is productive. You can’t afford your IT to be mistreated or misplaced on your upcoming project. IT relocations involve complex challenges, but M3’s proposed solutions will assist in ensuring your IT is properly protected and cared for throughout your project.

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At M3, we understand the value of your intricate and complex laboratory systems. A laboratory relocation involves a complete site assessment and a comprehensive project plan for each phase of the project. Our M3 experts are trained to handle delicate lab equipment, transport assets where temperature control is critical, and properly pack and store assets with full compliance.

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