Project Management

Pre-move planning and precise attention to detail is part of our standard process

The M3 Project Management service is a valuable resource for the planning and implementation of your small business, corporate office, technology, fulfillment center or data center move. Across town or across the nation, M3 gets to know your requirements, develops a strategy, and carefully plans each phase of your move for a seamless, effortless transition. When you are ready to make a move, let the M3 team of experts handle your unique project.

Pre-Move Evaluation

Expect M3 to first assess your moving needs. When possible, we want to meet your team to get a thorough understanding of every need and all assets involved in your project.

Free Comprehensive Proposals

Count on M3 to put together a free comprehensive proposal taking into account every detail pertinent to your project.

Moving Forward with M3

When you’re ready to move forward, M3 will get you a simple contract to protect you throughout the entire process, clearly speaking to asset coverage and responsibilities.


The M3 implementation plan will cover the moving phases of your project from start to finish. You’ll know exactly what to expect for every facet of your commercial move.


An M3 team leader will keep you apprised and informed along the way for every phase of your commercial move, whatever the size and scale of your needs.


The M3 follow-up plan takes place well after a successful commercial move, to ensure every component is settled, up and running, and you are satisfied with your results.

Why Choose M3 for your Project Management Services?

We recognize the value in project planning services when you expect to undergo a commercial move. Commercial relocations take time, planning, and a strategy if you expect a seamless transition. We want you to choose M3 because we know commercial moving and what it takes to be successful. Here’s why you should choose us for your next commercial move:

  • Get To Know Your Team Leader and Participate in Regular Communication

  • Make a Plan for Minimal Business Downtime

  • Decide on The Right Service Level at the Best Value

  • Plan the Timeframe for Your Move

  • Plan for Quality Workmanship to Carefully Handle Your Assets

  • Learn About Asset Coverage to Ensure You’re Protected

  • M3 Works with You to Meet Timelines

At M3, you can count on experts to manage your move with care and meet your timelines. Let M3 help plan your next project and make it a seamless transition. Call M3 today to schedule a team member to evaluate your upcoming project!